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A new way to think about transforming your business

When markets transform, companies caught unprepared are left behind.  And so are their loyal customers, employees and families.

At the same moment, unique organizations, trained in the truths of transformation anticipate, design and prepare to lead through the fog of unkown unknowns.

Mohan speaks of such companies and the people that lead them. His unique and powerful personal practitioner experiences his research will take you to a new realization about your role in transformation.

Witness Mohan’s unique ability to bring serious content with humor, evidence and passion back to your organization. Using examples from Gandhi and Mother Teresa applied to contemporary companies, you will leave with a fresh yet time-tested perspective on how to transform your organization to bring the future to the present.

Many of your co-workers are seeking meaning at work. But Mohan will convince you that to truly transform the organization, start with you. Then center of all business transformation is your own realization of a cause, a purpose great than yourself.

Meaning at work, he declares, is less important when one finds work as meaning.

What People Are Saying About Mohan

  • This is a must read for businesses that are going through significant secular changes. Understanding not only the need to transform, but the why and the pace necessary to do it in dynamic competitive environments is what is captured in this book. It was used as a framework for our strategic planning and our executive leadership team readily embraced the concepts. It has helped us greatly in accelerating our transformation.
    Deborah Wilson
  • This book is not only an excellent guide for business transformation, full of valuable insights and real-world examples; it is means for creating vision, meaning, and hope. Cause-driven leaders, living passionately with great value and purpose, will approach employees, customers, and stakeholders from a different framework. A definite must have for both business educators and professionals.

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