About Mohan

I was captivated by computer science that I left my homeland, Singapore, to study at the University of Oregon Computer Science department where I earned my BS and MS degrees in the field of computer and information science learning to understand and compute in the fields of artificial intelligence, vision system, natural language and most importantly cognitive databases, which I believed was the foundation for mimicry of the mind.  Little did I realize that the world of business would entice me into marketing and business.

Almost 35 years have passed and my commitments have moved me to various executive leadership roles in Intel, when the first microprocessors for microcomputers began; to Mentor Graphics, where the first networked design automation systems designed everything electronic, to being President of two startups, one which sold to Mcafee, pioneering in network security and management, and the other that sold to SAS after a strong investment by SAP and reaching the Inc 500. Realizing that the business world lacked a framework for leadership and operationalized purpose,  I founded Emerge, Inc., to focus on my learnings and philosophy of transformation and innovation in 1993. I spent much time researching and formulating an operating philosophy that aligned personal purpose with the cause of an organization.

I was called upon by the CEO Regence Group, holding Blue Cross Blue Shield responsibilities in the northwest, to help transform the culture, market preparation and expand the focus in early 2003 and to bring his transformational expertise to practise. I spent 8 years leading this transformation as Executive VP/Chief Marketing Executive and eventually ran the 5 health insurance plans bringing them to create multiple corporate entrepreneurial endeavors. The companies are Healthsparq, Medsavvy, Hubbub Health, Basefit,  and Spendwell.  I now lead innovation teams at Cambia Health Solutions forging transformational business models.  In all these, I never forget that the basis for all transformation is personal.

An adjunct professor of management at J.L. Kellogg School of Management for 10 years, I have  written extensively in the Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting, the Journal of International Servant Leadership, Journal of Cost Management, Journal of Brand Strategy and Strategy and Business magazine. I am also “courtesy lecturer” (donated time)  on transformation at the University of Oregon where I teach a master class which is the most popular class in the MBA program.

I am known to some as a marketing mind, reflected by the acknowledgment by the Marketing Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board as a 2009 Marketing Thought Leader. I am known to others as author of two books in cost and performance management and most recently known as a agent of the art of transformation with Strategic Business Transformation (Wiley & Sons published). My Ted talk outlines my philosophy on personal and business transformation. Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of salesforce.com, declares “Mohan Nair gets it; companies will only do well by doing good.”  Carl Hammerschlag, author of The Dancing Healers and The Theft of the spirit, speaks of Mohan as “Mohan is not only named after Gandhi, he gives voice to his transformational principles for the business leader.” Forbes.com has honored me as a pioneer in cultural transformation of organizations using innovation as catalyst.

I feel practiced in the art of keynote addresses and facilitation and will bring my contemporary knowledge and expertise balancing business, culture and technology to focus the power of organizational purpose.  Please bring me into your world so I can assist you in your journey through transformation.

Honors & Awards

Innovation: Enterprise Mobility & Productivity
OVUM’s On the Radar Awards

Order of the Abacus
University of Oregon

Marketing Thought Leader
The Marketing Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board

Random Facts

Mohan holds copyrights in several musical compositions, was a TV talk show host in his native country of Singapore, a guitar and bag pipe player, a veteran of the Singapore Armed Services and most of all, very proud of being the only healthcare executive to be rejected at America’s Got Talent.